• Cutting
  • Pressing
  • Rolling
  • Heat treatment
  • Machining

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Products and services

Comprehensive services under one roof

We bring a semi-finished product (input material), cut, forge and upset, roll, complete heat treatment, machine und test. And we deliver a finished product that fits to your satisfaction.

We offer our skills in the form of individual and comprehensive services in one place thanks to investments in modern technologies (machines, tools, handling equipment, devices and halls). All these save your time and money! 

  • Cutting of material
    We cut the material to size with suitable dimensions and parameters for futher processing. We cut continuously cast billet and ingots with circular, square or polygonal cross-section. The cutting is done by productive circular or belt saw.
  • Forgings production
    The following operations are carried out in the forge: forging, pressing, rolling of steel material. Processing and conversion of the material takes place in a hot state.
  • Heat treatment
    We provide desired hardness, toughness and other important properties of material by heat Treatment. We transform physical and mechanical properties of metals according your needs and requirements.
  • Machining
    By machining we transform the forgings according to the drawing documentation to te required size and shape. We can also assist you with non-standard work piece sizes.
  • NDT Tests - non destructive testing
    Non-destructive stests detect potential internal or surface defects of material. Thanks to these tests we can guarantee that you obtain quality products.
  • Additional measurements
    Positive Material Identification, dimensions measurement, hardness test, etc. are some of the additional control operations that assure quality compliance.


Contact: E-mail: info@bohemiarings.cz | Tel. +420 465 500 801 | Fax: +420 465 481 137

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