• Cutting
  • Pressing
  • Rolling
  • Heat treatment
  • Machining

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Modern machines and excellent Personnel

We could not deliver reliable products without quality equipment. We have the latest equipment and we use the latest manufacturing processes.

However, machining centres costing tens of millions of crowns is not sufficient.

The service of our personnel is just as important. Our employees excel in skills and follow the developments in their respective field. Their training and continuous upgrading of skills are supported by many years of experience of our maternal company in Germany. With the combination of modern machinery and skilled people we can offer you the best possible solutions. 

  • Equipment for cutting
    Material cutting to the required dimensions is implemented through productive circular and band saw.
  • Equipment for forging
    In the forge we perform pressing and rolling. Forming and converting of the heatedmaterial can be done by a forging press and rolling machine.
  • Equipment for machining
    For machining we use conventional lathes, and modern computer-controlled machine tools (milling machines, drills, horizontal and vertical lathes).

Contact: E-mail: info@bohemiarings.cz | Tel. +420 465 500 801 | Fax: +420 465 481 137

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