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Corporate values


Each individual is a part of the team, so we require willingness to cooperate with others and together achieve outstanding results. It is therefore necessary to understand different opinions, communicate effectively, transmit information and listen to each other. Each employee goal is to contribute to a good working atmosphere and they must lower their own interests to the interests, objectives and good of the company.


Quality and precision are the calling card of our company, which affects our future and grants us the hallmark of professionalism. Therefore, the company invests in cutting-edge technologies and in the constant development of it's employees. The employees feel internal satisfaction from precise and quality work, as well as pride in accuracy, intarnal company rules and opportunity to work with the latest technology on the market.


Reliability means the ability to fulfil the promises and assigned tasks within the agreed deadlines, both in relation to the customers, and to theif colleagues.


Our company BOHEMIA RINGS s.r.o. is at the highest level and achieves outstanding results also thanks to employees' awareness and their pride in the company. only the employee, who is proud of his company, can be of benefit. Such an employee builds goodwill of the company also behind the gates of the complany. Loyalty also means a willingness to stand up for the leadership of the company and to be supportive to their colleagues.


We contribute to employees' satisfaction not only with financial rewards but also by creating a good working background. An Integral part of our companies' culture are good conditions for teamwork, professional and personal growth, appreciation and recognition for work completed in an excellent mannor.


We require not only 100% commitment but also something more. This value particularly distinguishes our company from all others. Therefore, the complany's internal system is set so that each effort of the employees which gives our company something extra is duly rewarded. It regards all spheres: self-development, innovation, seeking efficiency, time devoted to the company. Every employee approaches the company, as if he or she were its co-owners. On their own accord, they give something extra. Becouse: 'working well, it isn't the same as working well and to the fullest!'

Contact: E-mail: info@bohemiarings.cz | Tel. +420 465 500 801 | Fax: +420 465 481 137

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